Monday, February 8, 2016

Spring's Tease

We who live in the Pacific Northwest are in the blissful throes of spring's tease. I was too preoccupied with gardening to check the thermometer but I'm guessing it made it up to the mid 60s. Now, as I write this, I can hear the tree frogs serenading each other--definitely a sign of spring. 

The honeybees were out in force today, searching for those bits of nectar.  

Early Crocus with two honeybees

Now he's moving to another flower.

Snowdrop... I need to clean the leaf litter here!

Oooh the Sarcococca. It smells heavenly.

Here is the bigger of my two plants. Plenty of stems for cutting and bringing indoors.

Helleborus foetidus blossom with a bee's butt.

Nom, nom, good!

I took more photos than I needed to.

So much bee food this year.

On another subject, I got my two long, rectangular vintage livestock troughs set up and planted with 'Tri Star' everbearing strawberries. I took these photos yesterday, before the second trough was planted.


These troughs are placed on the south side of my house. It's a full-sun, heat magnet area. Last year we had our strawberries in plastic pots and with a regular watering regimen, they performed beautifully until October. So we upped our game this year. Bigger containers, more plants. They're going to be so tasty!  

Are you able to get any gardening done?