Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Forget Housework, The Garden Beckons

MAN HAS IT BEEN A HOT summer here in the Pacific Northwest. Or maybe I'm just getting older and more sensitive to the heat. Or both. At any rate, I sure enjoy my mornings and evenings in the garden when temperatures are cool enough to keep me from dying of heat stroke. 

Through the years, one of my better gardening choices has been to get several trees planted. The shade they provide is so welcome this time of year. I think the plants appreciate it too. 

Here is this week's selection of random photos:  
Oriental lily and Phlox paniculata 

A cluster of double Knock Out roses
in front of Panicum 'Shenandoah' 

A Dahlia that survived the winter. 

Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus 'Aphrodite')
with unopened Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) buds. 

My fragrant Pelargonium 'Filbert' has a really nice flower.
The plant has gotten huge. It likes the heat.

Phlox and more Phlox. I think this is 'Eva Cullum'

And this Phlox I bought last year. Wow, right? 
Hydrangea paniculata 'Pinky Winky' is beginning to blush. 

I absolutely drool over these 'Cherry Brandy' Rudbeckias. Love this plant!
The flowers last for weeks.

A sweet looking Cosmos 'Double Click Cranberry' 

Hardy Fuchsias... 

Joe is getting ready to bloom. Yay! 

Darmera peltata really likes water but check out those leaves.
How can I say no to that? 

That's 'Cityline Paris' Hydrangea and variegated comfrey in front.
The dark leaves are Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae, a fabulous ground cover
spurge. The left side is my wheelbarrow with various succulents.

Random shots of the garden. The Agastache in the foreground has been blooming since May. 

The jungle, looking south.

Lots of lovely chaos

Before I log off, I am pleased to announce that two plants I was sure were dead surprised me this week by looking very much alive. 
The first is this:

Signs of life on my ten year old Star Jasmine. (Trachleospermum jasmoides).
After February's freeze, I was sure it was dead. In May I cut it back to the ground but
because there are a bunch of hardy cyclamen growing here I didn't dig it up. Fancy that!
The second plant that emerged from its slumber recently is this
4 O'clock (Mirabilis jalapa). This is a photo from last year. It's not blooming yet
but with this heat, it won't be long.  

My apologies for not getting around as much these days. I promise to visit your blogs soon.