Monday, March 30, 2015

Early and Bountiful Spring

The weather continues to astound me. The rain totals are normal but the temperatures are so mild and pleasant that the plants are as giddy as the gardener.

My front door container has a mish-mash of plants that are getting along surprisingly well. 

Notice the tiny Japanese maple seedling? Cracks me up. There's another one on the other side of the pot.
I think I'll just let them grow for awhile. 
Years ago, I trained two Akebia quinata vines on each side of an arbor. Dumb move. The arbor wasn't sufficient enough to support such manically growing things. After a few years, I dug up the vines and away they went, I can't remember where. Well either bit of root or perhaps a seedling took off and lives on. I'm glad because I love these unique and fragrant flowers. 

Akebia quinata in bloom. 

More Akebia quinata flowers.
I need to read up on why some flowers are purple while others are pink. Male and female, maybe? I'm glad it decided to stay. I've dug up too many plants that I later regretted getting rid of however, I'll have to keep tabs on this one or it will quickly swallow the neighborhood.

Loropetalum ... finally a not-so-blurry photo. My camera apparently doesn't like pink as much as I do.
Anybody else have trouble getting a good shot of these flowers?

Such a happy plant.
In my thirty-plus years of gardening, I've never had the pleasure of growing Pulsatilla or Pasque Flower, until I bought one last fall on sale. Look at how happy it is! 
Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Red Bells' is fixing to bloom. 

I'm not a huge fan of yellow but back in 1997, I dug up a clump of this Leopard's Bane. It's been a reliable spring bloomer ever since. 

Doronicum orientale

Yes, Geranium robertianum is a weed but I like it and therefore always keep a few seedlings
so they can bloom.

What you're looking at is my Desert Four O'Clock (Mirabilis multiflora) waking up from its winter nap.
I know, not very impressive but I'm totally psyched that I got it to survive our wet, Oregon winter. 

Here's what the Mirabilis at Dancing Oaks Nursery looks like in summer. 

Another photo of  it. Such pretty lavender flowers rising above a ground-hugging sea of glaucus foliage.
I'm excited to see how mine will grow this year. 

I turned around, then turned back and, POOF, all my Japanese maple trees woke up. 
I hope your garden is also waking up!